We are pleased to offer the following solutions for telephony applications and law enforcement.

Asterisk is a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that includes many features such as multiple extensions, voice mail, conference calling, call forwarding, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution. It supports a wide range of Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols. Asterisk servers can be linked via the Internet or a Private Network.
The benefits of using VoIP for corporate use include improved customer service, a reduction in network infrastructure, and a significant cost savings. Using VoIP lowers corporate telecom costs and reduces licensing and operational costs. Unlike traditional phone systems, there are no additional licensing costs for advanced call distribution features such as queues, voicemail and conference bridging. Since it runs on standard computer hardware using traditional network switching and routing devices, system administrators are not required to train on new platforms.
However, Asterisk is not an off-the-shelf phone system. Its robust feature set necessitates a substantial amount of technical know-how in order to leverage the complete functionality of the system. Trillys has the knowledge and expertise to fully install, configure and maintain your corporate Asterisk VoIP system.

CDR Processing

Trillys was approached by a major telecom company to develop a product that would provide their clients with toll-free Call Detail Reporting (CDR) and Call Progress Messaging (CPM) capability.
Telecom corporations use CDR services to provide information about recent system usage including the identity of sources and destinations, the duration of each call, the amount billed for each call, total usage time, free time remaining, and the running total charged during the billing period.
Trillys was able to deliver a fully tested, functional product that included all user manuals and complete system documentation well in advance of the client’s major product launch. The project was accomplished well within the client’s budget.


Link-IT is a suite of link analysis software tools designed for law enforcement agencies. It was designed to quickly import communications data collected and stored in different legacy systems, and present the user with a unified picture of communications activities within and among criminal organizations.
Law enforcement officers, investigators and analysts can perform unified analyses of all communications data collected on suspects from within a single application. New data sources can be easily added as they become available. The user is able to map the communications hierarchy and patterns within and among criminal organizations and terrorist groups.
The strength of the Link-IT application suite lies in its simplicity of use and flexibility. The system can be set up and administered within hours. Link-IT users and administrators will quickly become comfortable with the application with minimal training.

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