At Trillys, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality custom software development solutions and writing services.
Software Development

The days of using traditional, rigid life-cycle methods to develop software have passed. Attempting to define all requirements at the beginning of a project results in a frustrating endeavor, where energy and resources are expended trying to control and manage last minute changes. At Trillys, we recognize that ongoing changes to project requirements are a natural, inescapable and desirable aspect of software development. By implementing an agile method of programming, we are able to adapt to changing features and requirements at any point during the project life. Iterative development allows us to react quickly and develop applications faster and more cost effectively for our clients. We focus on interaction and communication during all stages of the development cycle to ensure that product and business specifications are well defined and understood.
Trillys has gained solid industry knowledge and respect over the last decade by building custom applications of the highest quality for both the public and private sectors. Our clients have an idea and they come to us to make it a reality. Beginning with requirements identification and design, right through to deployment, training and support, we take pride in delivering complete cost-effective software solutions.

Technical Writing

The importance of delivering effective documentation cannot be overstated. Efficient and attractive communication enhances the credibility and professionalism of an organization. An innovative, feature-rich product is only as good as the manual that describes all of the functionality to the end-user.
Imparting information in a clear and concise format ensures that current and prospective customers have timely access to the material they need. Whether this is a context-based help system or a searchable PDF, our team of writers is highly skilled in creating documentation to suit our clients’ needs.
Our extremely talented staff of technical writers is experienced in the research and development of user manuals, installation guides, online help, training material, design documents, web site copy and marketing collateral.

Linguistic Services

Trillys Systems Inc. offers a complete range of quality linguistic services to its prestigious clients who wish to have at their disposal bilingual versions of their products and services.
Endowed with exceptional expertise in translation, our team of translators has the necessary language skills to meet our clients’ specific linguistic requirements in regards to translation and to provide incomparable innovative services and quality by means of established material and methods.

In order to ensure quality, uniformity, style and terminology as well as on-time performance of all our translation work, we make use of highly advanced computer tools to perform machine-aided translation.

Available Services:

  • Document Translation Service

    Whether dealing with a document consisting of a few pages, a user guide or even a conference presentation, we ensure a quick response to your request for estimate, within the established deadline and offer a trouble-free translation service.

  • Web Page Translation Service

    We are able to translate and localize your Web site in customary formats, html, asp, php, jsp or others, and provide print-ready and operational finished products.

  • Software Translation Service

    Software translation, also known as localization, essentially consists of translating three main product elements, namely the user’s interface, the online help and the documentation. Our team will tackle these delicate and complex tasks by means of state-of-the art translation and project management tools.

Trillys Systems Inc. is pleased to offer linguistic services allowing our clients to improve their commitments towards their own customers, to reinforce their clientele’s satisfaction and improve the usability of their products.