User Interface Software Developer

Position Number: UI20150106

Trillys Systems is currently seeking a UI Software Developer who is eligible for a Secret Level Security Clearance for a multi-year contract opportunity in the National Capital region.
The candidate must have the following skills and experience:

• Minimum 6 months of software development experience with Windows Presentation Foundation (WFP)
• Minimum 2 years of software development experience with Microsoft .Net framework version 3.5 or higher
• Minimum 2 years of software development experience with Visual Studio 2008.
• A university undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Engineering or very good work related experience doing User Interface software development for multiple years. (Must provide a copy of the diploma)

In addition, the candidate will be rated against the following criteria:
• Development experience with stored procedures and PL/SQL in other organizations with security constraints/secure government environment in the last 5 years.
• Knowledge demonstrated through experience of usability testing and ability to provide best practices for doing such testing
• Good knowledge of 3rd party libraries to assist in the design and implementation of GUI
• Good knowledge of source code repository management systems (in particular Mercurial)
• Good knowledge and experience with WPF
• Experience designing and developing sophisticated feature rich GUIs
• Demonstrated talent in designing GUIs for non-technology savvy users in other organizations with security constraints/ secure government environment in the last 5 years
• Demonstrated ability to understand user requirements and translated them into technical specifications.
• Demonstrated ability to provide technical support to non-technical end users
• Demonstrated ability to implement GUI solution with the end users iterating through solutions until the optimal is established
• Demonstrated creativity with providing simple solutions to complex problems and for providing artistically good solutions.

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