Senior Telecom Programmer

Position Number: SD20200930

Senior Telecom Programmer (Trillys) – Full time / Contract – 20200910

Trillys Systems is currently looking to fill a full-time or contract position for a Senior Telecom Programmer with the following skill set:
Mandatory requirements

- Canadian Citizenship/10 years residency in Canada
- Minimum of five (5) years as real-time telecom software developer in C, C++ , Java, C#
- University Degree or Diploma (Computer, Software, EE)

Desirable experience in the following:
- Implementing cryptography (PKI, SSL, TLS)
- Configuring telecommunications components (SIP Server, signalling gateway, SBC, phones, softphone,etc)
- Implementing IP based protocols
- Knowledge of H.323, MGCP, STUN, ICE, XMPP
- Knowledge of telephony protocols (PRI, SS7)
- Implementing pipeline technologies such as Apache NiFi or Kafka
- Knowledge of VoIP security and counter-measure techniques.


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