Senior Database Modeller

Position Number: DBM20150114

Trillys Systems is seeking a Database Modeller to fill a contract position in the National Capital region.
The candidate must have Secret Level II security clearance.

The Candidate must have the following experience:

-10+ years of experience
-36 months cumulative experience within the past 60 months creating and maintaining data models with ERWIN.
-Has worked on a minimum of three (3) projects* in the last 60 months,
i. Designed logical models
ii. Developed logical models
iii. Designed physical models
iv. Developed physical models

i. Designed data warehouse specific logical models.
ii. Developed data warehouse specific logical data models.
iii. Designed data warehouse specific physical data models.
iv. Developed data warehouse specific physical data models.

To apply for this opportunity directly, please use the following URL:

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