What is a lost call worth to you?

Never worry about a missed call, dropped network, or a lost opportunity;
our application will show you the vanished data

Great customer service puts you ahead of your competition

Your business depends on great customer service; can you be sure your staff is dealing with your valued customer in the most appropriate way?

Easy to install, Easy to use

An instinctive interface enables fast setup and seamless integration with existing phone/SIP systems. No complicated training needed. In-depth help files and descriptive diagrams make set up simple and easy to learn, with Trillys Professionals a call away to assist in the set-up.

Understand what’s happening

Reap the benefits of proactive contact center analytics and insights. Understand what is happening in your business as it happens in real-time.

Manage your people and systems

The data reported with ActuCall empowers your team with insight—from high level summaries down to customized and detailed real-time reports. Leverage these tools to develop and make the most of each employee and each call.

Your phone service reflects your business

As customer expectations rise and technologies evolve, your competitors can gain ground quickly if you aren’t prepared to grow. It’s important to use the best applications and have the best support team that understands your vision. At Trillys we pride ourselves on providing the best technical support, the best application software and REAL TIME reporting tools to support that vision.

ActuCall gives you the tools to manage your customer service center, increase productivity, improve customer service and drive sales growth.

Never worry about missed opportunities due to network or hardware failures. ActuCall records the originating numbers OUTSIDE the box, allowing you to follow up on the customers inquiry where before you would have never known the client called.

Tracks call frequency, why have they called 3 times or 6+ times? Who is not delivering the right information/is there an emergency that needs to be addressed? Increase your customer experience and satisfaction

ActuCall generates true Business Intelligence and custom reports based on information from multiple data sources, including a detailed review of calling patterns and trends, capacity management, and the impact on call routing.

Know what calls you are missing in real time! An industry leading application in collecting; organizing, synchronizing, analyzing and reporting of call progress messaging and call detailed reports in a telephony network. Trillys Systems developed ActuCall to allow Private and Public end-clients to collect information from incoming, internal and outgoing phone calls; the system then generates reports called CPMs (Call Progress Messaging), CDRs (Call Detailed Reports), and Real-Time Data. ActuCall is an efficient application to manage a successful inbound, outbound, or blended contact center.

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